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Welcome to the e-Safety Policy Generator Web Site

We believe that the use of information and communication technologies in schools brings great benefits to pupils, families and staff.

Recognising the e-safety issues and planning accordingly will help to ensure appropriate, effective and safe use of electronic communications.

This e-Safety Policy Generator and the guidance provided, will help schools and settings discuss the issues and create their own e-Safety Policy document to reflect the needs of their own communities.


Please be aware that this content is under review by the Kent e-Safety Strategy Group following the publication of the new DfE 'Keeping children safe in education' 2016 guidance and will be updated with new content in the Summer of 2016. 

The generator is currently using 2012 content and it's use is NOT recommended.

The current 2016 template is available in word and PDF formats here and we would recommend schools and settings use this instead. 

For the most up-to-date material, including PDF files and word templates please click here

Page last updated: 07/07/2016

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